Welcome to The Clinic Canton


As we are classed as a health service, our dental clinic has been given permission to remain open throughout the lockdown period. However every clinic has to complete a risk assessment to keep its patients and staff as safe as possible. Due to the seriousness of the spread of COVID 19 and the rising R rate, we have decided it is responsible to keep our patients and our staff safe by closing the clinic from December 22nd – January 11th. This gives an incubation period following Christmas allowing any symptoms to subside or isolation periods to be completed.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. If you have an appointment booked before 11th January, our staff will be in contact shortly to reschedule your appointment to a safer date.

Please feel free to book appointments from 11th January onwards online. The icon can be found further down this page.

Have a happy Christmas and hope for a happier 2021.

Stay safe

From all the staff at The Clinic Canton.

Welcome to our health clinic.

We are a clinic comprising of a number of certified, registered and professional health clinicians.

Our clinic is relaxed, comfortable and friendly, where you can receive many treatments without waiting lists, and that are affordable.

The clinic is set to the highest standard and 2 of our businesses at the clinic are regulated by The Healthcare Inspectorate Wales to ensure that treatments and facilities offered, by them, from the clinic are safe and of excellent standard.

The clinic is easy to find and has easy free parking for 2 hours on site.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to The Clinic Canton

  1. Hi I’m looking to get composite bonding in my first 6 teeth on the top row, there completely straight but wanting to fill the gaps I have.


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