WF Dental Hygiene

WF Dental Hygiene

At The Clinic Canton, our resident dental team offer a range of dental treatments.

You do not have any registration ties,  and we are open weekdays, weekends and evenings, making it easier for anyone to access excellent dental care at any time.

How you can access dental care is changing. There are now direct access clinics that you can attend to have preventative dental work, by a Dental Hygienist/Therapist without seeing a dentist first.

Naomi Wilding-Finch dipth, hygienist at WF Dental Hygiene has 10 years experience working as a Dental Hygienist but 20 years in the industry.

“Prevention is always better than cure” Reduce needed visits to the dentist by keeping harmful plaque and tartar (the cause of the majority of dental problems such as gum disease and tooth decay) off your teeth, whilst benefiting from the cosmetic aspects of clean, white teeth.


  • Scale & Polish                                                                        £35
  • Air polishing                                                                          £40
  • Professional Teeth Whitening (EU law abiding)       £195
  • Worn/Chipped Tooth Repair                                            £35 – £90
  • Advanced Gum Treatments                                             £80 – £180
  • Customised Sports Guards                                                £45 – £65
  • Gum Recession Restoration Fillings                               £35 – £200
  • Children’s Hygiene                                                              £25



Image 1. Teeth Whitening

Image 2. Scale & Polish

Image 3. White Fillings


Our dental clinicians are fully trained and certified.

Our teeth whitening programs are identical to those performed in dental surgeries and carried out by our fully qualified, certified and experienced dental hygienist and in house dentist.

Our product –  16% Pola Whitening system Carbamide Peroxide & 6% Hydrogen Peroxide




Payment Plan – Spread the cost 

Here at WF Dental Hygiene we offer various payment plans to make the costs of our treatments easier to spread out.

Our payment plans are:

Plan 1 – 2 Scale and polishes per year £5.50 per month

Plan 2 – 3 Scale and polishes per year £8.25 per month

Plan 3 – 4 Scale and polishes per year £11.00 per month

  • Priority booking,
  • £25 off teeth whitening treatments
  • FREE air polish a year for plan members
  • Replacement bleach £12 (Usually £15)

Follow the link below to join our payment plan.

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