Welcome to The Clinic Canton




We at The Clinic Canton are trying our utmost to resume services at the clinic as soon as possible whilst adhering to government rules and guidelines.

Our hygiene services will resume from September 2020 but with limitations due to the restrictions COVID 19 inflict. Our hygienist is currently on maternity leave and is due to return September 28th 2020. Please see the website for more details http://www.wfdentalhygiene.com.

Vale Laser are currently undergoing their inspection by the Healthcare Inspectorate Wales that has been delayed also due to COVID 19. But are due to start offering treatments soon when fully registered and licensed.

Our physiotherapist is already taking bookings and performing treatments, so please call the clinic for further information or to book an appointment.

Amandas beauty room has recently opened at the clinic and please feel free to call her or the clinic for an appointment.

We also have Bethany Frowen a Podiatrist coming on board at the clinic very soon. Keep checking in for updates.

We hope that the current situation resolves very soon. It has been tough on everyone. Here’s hoping to come out the other side and see you all in the near future. Stay safe everyone.


Welcome to our health clinic.

We are a clinic comprising of a number of certified, registered and professional health clinicians.

Our clinic is relaxed, comfortable and friendly, where you can receive many treatments without waiting lists, and that are affordable.

The clinic is set to the highest standard and 2 of our businesses at the clinic are regulated by The Healthcare Inspectorate Wales to ensure that treatments and facilities offered, by them, from the clinic are safe and of excellent standard.

The clinic is easy to find and has easy free parking for 2 hours on site.

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